Cleaning Services

Fresh and healthy atmosphere

Our main activity is cleaning. The quality of service we provide is perhaps the highest possible as verified by our customers, where for some of them, cleanliness is absolutely crucial to their business (hospitals, food companies, etc.). In every project we undertake we offer cleaning services comparable to those we offer to our most 'sensitive' customers by having a common material, tool and machinery procurement policy and a common policy on the way we train and manage our staff.

The main services we offer in the field of cleaning are:
• Cleaning of indoor-outdoor spaces
• Hospital Cleaning and Closed Hospital Units (OR, ICU)
• Hotel Facilities Cleaning
• Cleaning schools and other educational institutions
• Daily office cleaning on a yearly basis
• Cleaning industrial spaces
• Carpet wash on site
• Waterproof carpets
• Maintenance and protection of floors (waxing - dewaxing of floors)
• Crystallization of marble and mosaic
• Cleaning of parking spaces
• Waste collection
• General cleaning of glass panels (including high altitude ones)
• Aluminum frame cleaning
• Washing facades of buildings
• Water vapor
• Cleaning of tents and signs
• High altitude water vapor
• Removal of graffiti

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