MAGICA FOURKA SERVICES FACILITY MANAGEMENT is a building cleaning, service, disinfecting and related materials cleaning company created after the acquisition of smaller cleaning companies with intense activity & years of experience in the field. It is staffed with experienced human resources that has been providing its services for years.

The strategic objective of MAGICA FOURKA SERVICES FACILITY MANAGEMENT is to distinguish itself within the highly competitive environment it operates, providing competitive quality service products that ensure its customers are fully satisfied with their needs in order to improve the services provided.
Our company has undertaken major projects in the field of cleanliness, paying particular attention to the hygiene and safety of the human factor working and trading in these areas. With faith in this principle, we use exclusively environmentally friendly and human-friendly products, while applying modern cleaning methods in strict compliance with international standards as defined by Greek and European legislation.

To achieve the above goals, MAGICA FOURKA SERVICES FACILITY MANAGEMENT has installed the Quality System covering all of its functions, and has designed the following guidelines:

  • To form the basis for a better organization and operation of the COMPANY and fully meet the requirements of the standard ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2015
  • Improve the quality and reduce the cost of customer service.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by providing services that meet their requirements, needs and expectations.
  • To ensure the stability of the characteristics of the services-products provided.
  • To ensure optimal utilization of the Company's human resources, equipment and know-how.
    Within this framework, the Management Team is committed to:
  • Support the implementation of the Quality System, which will be revised and improved when needed to ensure the quality of services provided by MAGICA FOURKA SERVICES FACILITY MANAGEMENT
  • To have the resources needed for the implementation and continuous improvement of the Quality System
  • To comply with and implement applicable laws, standards and regulations that are subject to its certification.

In order to achieve its Policy and Strategy, MAGICA FOURKA SERVICES FACILITY MANAGEMENT has set the following goals:

  • constant focus on customer service to meet their requirements and expectations
  • continuous improvement based on measurable results
  • offering new services to customers
  • continuous training of human resources
  • continuous improvement of its infrastructure, with the development and maintenance of excellent technological and communication infrastructure

The Quality System is implemented by all MAGICA FOURKA SERVICES FACILITY MANAGEMENT staff and all affiliates related to the certification field.
The President and CEO 30/8/2017
Harris Lianos

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